For World Bank Group employees, retirees and consultants: 

Thank you for considering a gift to Suited for Change through the World Bank Group Community Connections Campaign!

Suited for Change is delighted to be again included as an approved charity in the World Bank Community Connections Campaign. 

Staff, retirees and consultants can donate to up to 10 of over 300 NGOs working in DC and around the world. Each group has been nominated by at least 10 World Bank Group staff and/or retirees and represent a wide variety of topics: human rights, education, gender, disaster relief, health, refugees, environment, and more. If 55% of staff give by December 20, 2018, the World Bank Group has promised a 100% matching donation, doubling all your gifts!  Last year, 82% of staff gave, so this is a great opportunity to mobilize Bank Group dollars for the causes and organizations that you care about, including Suited for Change. 

Please note the earlier end date of the campaign this year: December 20, 2018. 


For WBG staff, retirees and consultants, it is easy to have your charitable contribution to Suited for Change doubled by the World Bank Group through the Community Connections Campaign (CCC).


Current staff and consultants participate in the CCC through the World Bank Group's in house e-Give system.

For retirees, by November 20, 2018: 

 1)      Complete your pledge form here.

2)      Retirees must complete pledges via personal check. Once you have completed your pledge form, please mail a check for the entire pledge amount made payable to “World Bank Community Connections Fund,” or simply “WBCCF.” The check must be post-dated by December 31, 2018 and received by January 11, 2019 at the address below.


Please send checks to:

World Bank Community Connections Fund

c/o Nazanine Atabaki; MSN MC 9-912

3301 Pennsy Drive

Landover, MD  20785


If you have any questions, contact the Community Connections team at the Bank.  Call or email Nazanine Atabaki (202-458-1450 or


1023 15th Street NW 

Suite 601

Washington, DC 20005

(202) 293-0351


CFC #61560

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