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Giselle Got The Job

New to Washington DC, Giselle was looking for a helping hand to jump start her career in the city. With the guidance of Calvary Women’s Services, Giselle discovered Suited for Change.

Only two days after her initial styling and coaching appointments at SFC, Giselle reached back out to us to share the wonderful news: she got the job!

The very next day, Giselle returned to the SFC boutique to get some more professional attire to celebrate her new position and ensure she looks and feels her best as she begins this next chapter of her professional career as a Director of Public Relations and Marketing.

Giselle was so grateful to our dedicated volunteer, Karen Downs, and Marketing & Program Manager, Fernanda Parreira Menezes, for their encouragement, stating:

"I have taken your words to heart and can’t wait to begin this next chapter of my career and life here in DC."

Thanks to our devoted SFC friends and family, we are able to help more women like Giselle get that extra boost in confidence they need to launch their careers.

Congratulations Giselle!

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