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Meet Angela

Angela came to Suited for Change, SFC, in mid-January in preparation for her upcoming interview. Upon arrival, Angela was hesitant to how she would be treated, but was pleasantly surprised by the “warmth and sincerity of the staff.”

As Angela’s styling appointment began, she started feeling more at ease, thanks to the Boutique’s modern clothing and the genuine and meticulous care from our volunteer, Lisanne. By the end of her session, Angela had found two “flattering and comfortable” outfits, and found that her confidence in her ability to nail her upcoming interview had grown. But Angela’s SFC experience did not stop there.

In the days leading up to her interview, Angela met with one of SFC’s professionally trained mentor coaches via Zoom to perfect her performance. SFC volunteer, Patricia, led Angela through a mock interview, addressed her confidence issues, framed her skills with power words, and gave her a boost of confidence. Through SFC’s extra preparation, Angela was able to solidify and frame her skill set succinctly, and left the session with a boost of confidence.

When asked about her experience at the SFC she described it as "exceptional".

We cannot wait to have Angela return to our boutique once she lands the job and hope you join us in wishing her good luck!


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