Virtual Suiting Experience

Sending Hope in a Box!

Suited for Change is now offering a third virtual suiting experience! Our clients will enjoy a one-on-one experience to find new additions to their work wardrobe from the safety of their own homes.


The typical Suited for Change client experience has altered immensely in the past few months. Each appointment begins with “are you on mute?” or “can you see me?” as both client and volunteer adjust their laptops.


Before each visit begins, our volunteers scour the racks in our boutique for the perfect blouses and matching scarves to fit the individual client’s taste. While the platform for suiting has changed, the vibrant energy and excitement of each appointment has remained.

Stacks of boxes are piled high in the SFC boutique, stuffed with blouses, scarves, and jewelry. Each collection then wrapped in red tissue, sealed with a SFC sticker, and topped with a handwritten note of encouragement from their suiting volunteer. The clients wait in anticipation for their box of joy during such a tough period

In these unprecedented times, Suited for Change is devoted to continuing to empower women in our local community.


Through this new opportunity, our clients are reminded of the importance of their professional journey and that they have an entire community rooting for them.

Sending hope in a box

Frequently asked questions

What are all of the specifics surrounding the program?

The goal of our program is to support our clients and make them feel valued and connected during the pandemic. Through this program we have expanded our ongoing relationships with clients to better tell their stories, as well as revitalized engagement with our volunteers (especially those who are still not comfortable with in-person suiting).

Each virtual suiting provides additional clothing to our clients’ growing professional wardrobe. Clients are shown a variety of blouses, dresses, blazers, scarves, and jewelry that will accommodate their other clothing from SFC.

How was this idea cultivated?

As we began 2021, we started brainstorming new ways to cultivate relationships with our clients and engage with volunteers, while still upholding social distancing guidelines.

That’s when we came up with Virtual Suiting Experience! It was the perfect way for us to reconnect with clients from 2020 to check in, and simultaneously provide a safe outlet for volunteers to interact with clients. The icing on the cake of this new program is the personal note of encouragement. In a time where so many feel isolated, the handwritten letters from our volunteers truly make these packages feel like a gift. We love to show appreciation for the entirety of the SFC community, and while this program is virtual, it allows everyone to feel a little less alone.

Why did SFC decide to move forward and develop an innovative way for clients to utilize the organization's offerings?

As a result of the current pandemic, the women we serve are most directly impacted by Covid-19. Since our in-person services are limited for safety precautions, we wanted to ensure we would still be able to help our community to the best of our ability. In a world where everything has turned virtual, we found Zoom Suitings to be the best next step to continue our vital work.

When are the fittings hosted virtually?

We typically host our virtual suitings in the early afternoon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 1:15-3pm. Appointment length varies depending on the client, ranging from 15-45 minutes.

How many clients have been helped so far?

We have virtually suited 46 clients since the program’s inception on January 25th, 2021.

Is there a waiting list? How is SFC managing the program?

Currently, we have been reaching out to all of our clients from the previous calendar year. Once a client expresses interest, we schedule a date and time that is convenient for them and email them all the Zoom information.

However, if any referral partners have clients interested in our program we are happy to suit them virtually as well.

What goes into a box?

Each box is filled from a selection of blouses, dresses, blazers, scarves, and jewelry. The clothing is then wrapped in decorative tissue, sealed with a SFC sticker, and topped with a handwritten note of encouragement from the suiting volunteer.

Do clients have to pay for a box?

Nope! The full service is entirely free of charge.

How can I donate my gently used professional wear to contribute to the program?

The donation process is the same as all clothing donations to SFC. All we request is for all donations to be freshly dry-cleaned. Drop off days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 10-4PM.

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Who can benefit from the program?

Through our 28 years of service to the community, we have found that not only do our clients directly benefit from getting professional clothing and job training, but the client’s family is also impacted. When a child sees their mother in full professional attire, they are able to have a new vision about how their future can pan out.

Thanks to people like you, Suited for Change will be ready to ensure our city's most vulnerable women are able to seize new opportunities.⁣

Your support has made all of this possible - THANK YOU! ❤

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