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Our partners include social service providers, job training programs, employment agencies, educational institutions, and centers serving women in need throughout the DC Metro Region.

"Suited for Change is one of the partners [we] are forever grateful to."

- William Craig III, Department of Employment Services.

Become a Referral Partner

To become a referral partner, you can apply by carefully reviewing the Referral Partner Handbook and pressing "submit" at the end. By doing so you attest that your agency is a suitable community partner, you are an authorized representative of your agency, and both you and your agency agree to abide by Suited for Change requirements for referral partners. Once you have submitted the Handbook/application you may begin scheduling clients.

Become a Referral Partner

For Current Referral Partner​s

Print or email "What to Expect" for clients to present at their appointment.
For Current Referral Partner

Instructions to Schedule


In the new window, create an account if you don't already have one and log in. 

1. Under "Appointment Locator," select "Suiting Appointment" from the dropdown menu.

2. Choose the day you would like on the calendar.

3. Select the appointment you would like--don't worry about the volunteer numbers.

4. Fill out the following information:

​               Client name

               Client phone number

               Client age 

               Client size

               Employment Sought

5.    Click "finalize the appointment."
Your appointment is now booked!
You should receive a confirmation email.
You can cancel or reschedule an appointment at any time.

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