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What We Do

The Suited for Change Experience

We provide professional attire, coaching, and skills training to women in need who are seeking employment.


Each client has a personalized styling session with one of our Suited for Change stylists, receiving two full outfits, complete with high-quality accessories. We are proud to play a role in building our clients’ confidence that they will carry with them throughout the rest of their careers. 


After every client’s first suiting appointment we offer a virtual or in-person coaching session from one of our professional development coaches. Each coaching session focuses on bolstering our clients’ confidence in their qualifications and tailoring their strengths for upcoming interviews. 


Once a client has been hired, they return to Suited for Change for a second visit and receive three more outfits from our boutique. Suited for Change prides itself on not only giving our clients a new work wardrobe but also a new-found confidence to carry with them into their new job. 

After a year with social distancing precautions, we have expanded our services to include a virtual suiting component. Through the third virtual suiting experience, clients get a few blouses, scarves, and jewelry to expand their already growing professional attire. Each collection is then wrapped in red tissue, sealed with a SFC sticker, and topped with a handwritten note of encouragement from their suiting volunteer.

Not only does this program provide additional clothing, but it also provides a glimmer of excitement and hope during such a tough period. 

In addition to Suited for Change’s one-on-one styling and coaching sessions, clients can further their job readiness with online workshops from our partners at Edge. These workshops focus on interview skills, office etiquette, customer service, conflict management, communication, financial literacy, and more. 

Our clients are exclusively referred to Suited for Change by partner agencies. Suiting, coaching and skills training are provided free of charge.

“ Suited for Change gave me hope and courage. You made me look at myself to find out the strengths that I have that I really never pay attention to. And you gave me hope to be myself in the interview."

Annyona, former client


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