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3 FREE Online References Parents Can Use to Support their Children’s Education.

I don’t know about you but I can’t remember the last time I solved a few long division problems or recounted some of the major presidents and their experiences in office

I remember learning these skills in classes when I was young, but in all honesty I can’t tell you when the last time was that I employed them. So, what do we do when our children come to us with questions regarding these subject matters?

“Mom, I don't understand this biology lesson…Dad, what's an integral?...Mom, can you help me?...Dad I just don’t get this, do you?”

Well, for our children, we want the best. We want to help, to answer every question they may have. But sometimes we don’t know if a, b, c, or d is correct. We aren’t all Elementary English teachers or math tutors. However, online school turns a stay-at-home parent into a teacher. And as parents of the pandemic, we are expected to raise, support, and teach our children from home. Especially in today’s world where much of the education system has switched to remote, online learning, keeping children interested and not distracted can be very difficult. Kids must remain engaged online as well as have adequate support from their parents when it comes to studying and retaining what they have learned.

But since not all of us have the knowledge, time, nor patience to do so, having some easy resources you can turn to will make it easier.

Below are 3 FREE online references parents can use to support their children’s education.

Crash Course with Hank Green:

Used by numerous teachers and tutors, Green’s videos are informative and fun. A modern day Bill-Nye, Hank creates short and intriguing videos on youtube surrounding science, math, history, and language. Parents can even watch his episodes with their children for some quality bonding and learning. Who knows, you yourself might fall in love with crash course!

Khan Academy:

An excellent resource that comes equipped with practice problems, answers with reasoning, and interactive videos, Khan Academy helps children study all different fields of subject matter. There's a vast range of assignments, quizzes, and tests that will cater to your child’s specific needs.


By far one of my favorite study tools, Quizlet acts as your own flashcard deck.

You can make your own cards, writing in questions, problems, or phrases, as well as answers. Instead of having to carry around a deck of physical cards, your child can access them online, including via cellphone. Additionally, many Quizlet decks have already been created, meaning you and your child will have access to thousands of pre-made sets for studying.

Listed below are some great sites to check out for further inspiration and information on how to support, educate, and challenge your child during this difficult COVID-ridden time.

Online learning tips for virtual schooling:

Recommended apps (similar to khan academy, crash course, etc.):

How to encourage your child’s education from home:

22 remote learning tips for parents:

The education system has adapted throughout the pandemic. As a result, parents have resumed new jobs in life. They’ve become their children’s own teachers and tutors. This is a lot of pressure for the employed, unemployed, single, or married. Essentially, it is something anyone with children has needed to improve at. Hopefully, these resources, tips, and words of encouragement have helped you to do so. Best of luck!


Kenna Kilgallon

About Kenna Kilgallon:

Kenna Kilgallon is a SFC volunteer and currently a Junior scheduled to graduate in June of 2022 from the University of Washington. She attends the Jackson School and is passionate about women’s empowerment and policy development.


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