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Comfort zones, although secure in nature, blockade us from discovering new elements

the world has to offer.

How will you find out that Pad Thai in actuality compliments your taste buds more so

than pizza rolls?

Is it possible to curate a new style if you continuously peruse the same shop within the market square?

Stepping outside those self-proclaimed lines, will reward you with a series of foundational revelations.

So, as you meander down the unfamiliar streets and restaurants, shake hands with new

acquaintances, may I recommend you also experiment with makeup brands and


Within society’s comfort zone of concealers and bronzers, we find ourselves constantly

purchasing products under name brands that have been stock-piled on the shelves for


It’s about time we expand our reach.

In the recent passes of time, the beauty community has been avidly in search of vegan, organic, and more natural methods of enhancement.

Essentially, we want items with less ingredients, moral procedures, and valuable mission statements.

Listed below–alongside an array of specific products–are 7 minority-owned, cruelty-free, makeup brands deserving of greater recognition.

1. Beauty Bakerie

This pastry-themed, Black-owned business, prides themselves in their vegan sweet

treats. 100% cruelty and animal by-product free, their products range from smooth butter gloss to water and smudge proof mascara.

Beauty Bakerie’s online site also provides users with access to a shade graph comparing name brand, well-known foundation shades to theirs. I found this specific inclusion to be incredibly beneficial in assisting customers become better aware with prices, ingredients, and overall complexion contrasts.

The entrepreneurs behind Beauty Bakerie have also utilized their procured income to create “Sugar Homes” which fund the lives and schooling of orphaned children in Uganda.

Shattering beauty norms this black-owned brand has developed a series of makeup products encouraging gender-inclusive usage. As members and advocates of the LGBTQ+ community, the mission and drive behind this organization sets it apart.

Alongside natural, cruelty-free products, they aim to curate a world where everyone is accepting and self-loving.

Found on the storefront, customers acquire the ability to book consultations with a Beauty Affirming Coach in order to combat anxieties and confront depression.

Selena Gomez is well-known for her display as the wand-yielding wizard, Alex Russo in Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place", as well as applauded for her notorious supply of award-winning pop songs. Amidst those endeavors, she has formulated her own Makeup brand–Rare Beauty. Known for her lightweight formulas, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone into a new one. Celebrating uniqueness and originality, Gomez’s foundations and bright cream blushes are designed for comfortable, everyday wear.

Although not 100% vegan–as some of the products such as the lip creams include beeswax–Rihanna’s makeup line revolutionized the beauty industry as it was one of the first to curate a more skin inclusive range of products. Having expanded to nearly 50 shades, one can easily find a match with Fenty.

Their Pro Filt’r foundation is indeed vegan with buildable coverage. Heavily praised over the course of a few years, this is definitely a piece I would heavily advocate testing out.

Black-owned and vegan, Range beauty has developed an exclusive line of products for melanin-rich, acne, and eczema-prone skin.

Dermatologist approved and plant powered, these formulas will not clog your pores, result in flare-ups, nor will they fail to apply adequate concealment.

Offering light to full coverage, their foundations are buildable and breathable. The True Intentions Hydrating Foundation is backed by green tea extracts and chamomile, providing the skin barrier with strengthening components.

Similar to Beauty Bakerie, Glamlite will leave you salivating, for all the products smell delicious and appear delectable.

Known for their ultra-enhancing eyeshadow shades, Glamlite features themed palettes such as Barbie and Strawberry Shortcake.

Founded by a Caribbean-immigrant, Glamlite’s motivation statement of “beauty isn’t one size fits all” was designed through experiences with bullying and body shaming.

Since then, Giselle has launched a series of treat-themed, welcoming, and inclusive cosmetics;

“building a community where food and makeup lovers can be themselves.”

7. Alamar Cosmetics

100% cruelty free and affordable, Alamar was founded by veteran Makeup artist Gabriela Trujillo.

Known for their skincare infused concentrates, the lip and facial products double as coverage enhancements and hydrating serums.

Upon a variety of moisturizers and lip liners, Alamar provides makeup brushes fabricated without animal hair.

Their blush, highlight, and bronzing palettes are also offered in a substantial amount of shades. Allowing customers to purchase a set that best fits their complexion.

Check out their Best Sellers!

So I challenge you–the next time you find yourself perusing the aisles of Sephora, Ulta, or your local Walgreens–to stop and remember the distinguished list of quality brands and products supplied above. Take that stride away from your comfort zone, test out some liners and blushes from these exceptional businesses, and find your new you.


Kenna Kilgallon

About Kenna Kilgallon:

Kenna Kilgallon is a SFC volunteer and currently a Junior scheduled to graduate in June of 2022 from the University of Washington. She attends the Jackson School and is passionate about women’s empowerment and policy development.


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