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Changemakers with The Catalogue for Philanthropy

In celebration of The Catalogue for Philanthropy’s 20th anniversary, they brought back their Changemakers event to showcase the incredible work being done by various nonprofits in our community.

Held at Planet Word, a new immersive language museum in the heart of Washington DC, the event was packed with tables from local nonprofits sharing their mission with one of a kind interactive games!

The night was filled with excitement as guests browsed the booths and played Wordle, trivia, video games, and more.

At the Suited for Change booth, we held an engaging trivia game with the goal of getting all the necessary tools to walk into a job interview with confidence. Guests learned about the various challenges our clients overcome as they strive for economic independence and found a further appreciation for their resiliency.

Thanks to the Catalogue for Philanthropy, the Changemakers event was an incredible success and served as a reminder to us of just how vital grassroots organizations are in making our home a better place for everyone.

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