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Donor Spotlight: Gilead Foundation

Back in March, in honor of Women’s History Month, we received so much love from our community. One new partnership that blossomed during this period was with Gilead headquartered all the way in California with offices all across the United States, including Washington DC.

Gilead is a biotechnology research company committed to creating a healthier world for everyone – no matter the challenges ahead of us. For more than 30 years, Gilead has pursued the impossible, chased it down, tackled it for answers and surrounded it for a way in, working tirelessly to bring forward medicines for life-threatening diseases.

The Gilead Foundation’s vision and mission is to serve as a neighbor in the community and a citizen in society. Striving for health prosperity – not just health equity – for all. The Gilead Foundation encourages a culture of giving, engaging in their local communities, and exploring innovative approaches to social issues.

Through Gilead’s internal employee giving and volunteering program, Giving Together, they put together a special campaign for Women’s History Month in collaboration with their Women at Gilead Employee Resource Group. Gilead’s Giving Together program encourages a culture of giving back to the community to causes their employees care about most.

Suited for Change was honored to be selected as one of three recipients for their Women’s History Month campaign and we are incredibly grateful for their support in our mission to empower women in need on their path to economic independence.

Thank you Gilead!

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