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Partner Spotlight: Business Roundtable

Suited for Change was honored to be selected to speak at Business Roundtables Colleaguesgiving event on November 17th and spread the word of our mission to empower the women in our community.

For 50 years, Business Roundtable has promoted a thriving U.S. economy and expanded opportunities for all Americans through sound public policy. Through research and advocacy, Business Roundtable advocates policies to spur job creation, improve U.S. competitiveness and strengthen the economy.

With an engaging presentation by Diedra Yates, one of our dedicated Board Members, the Business Roundtable employees were reminded of the significance clothing, coaching, and skills training have in building one’s confidence.

Captivated by the mission behind Suited for Change, the attendees had a lively Q&A session led by Fernanda Parreira Menezes, our Marketing and Program Manager at SFC. By the end of the hour, everyone in the audience couldn’t wait to find a way to help the women we serve.

“I was deeply inspired by the work that Suited for Change is doing to make a real difference in our community. Suited for Change is truly changing lives by not only providing women with the clothing they need to be successful, but by also pouring into them with coaching and mentoring to make a difference in how they feel about themselves. It was such a pleasure working with Fernanda and Diedra. Their dedication to Suited for Change’s mission and commitment to the women they are reaching is heartwarming and I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future.” - Dominique Robertson ( Business Roundtable, Manager Administration)

Not only is the Business Roundtable hosting a clothing drive to collect professional attire for our clients, but they also made a generous donation of$5,000 to help us further empower the women in our community.

We are so grateful for Business Roundtable for giving us the opportunity to share the impactful stories of our resilient clients and welcome them to our community as we continue to equip more women with the tools they need to secure and sustain professional employment.

Thank you!

From left: Dominique Robertson ( Business Roundtable, Manager Administration), Joshua Bolten (Business Roundtable, CEO) Fernanda Menezes (SFC, Marketing & Program Manager), and Diedra Yates ( SFC, Board Member).

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