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How have you made a difference?

See Your Impact In Action

The women who walk through our doors are facing an uphill battle but thanks to you, they are equipped to make the climb.

Growing with our clients' needs, we have deepened and expanded our program offerings – and it’s all because of dedicated supporters like you!

Heading into 2023, our Professional Readiness Program aimed to provide 30 workshops this year. It’s only August and not only have we already surpassed that number, but we also are projected to double our initial goal by December.

This rapid expansion and level of client reach means that this program is now SFC’s largest endeavor.

At SFC, we believe that the true transformation goes beyond just the exterior.

It's about empowering individuals to feel their best both inside and out.

Because of you, not only do our clients walk out of our doors with the attire they need to succeed, but they also have the confidence to walk tall and proud.

Your dedication to empowering the women in our community has helped us make leaps and bounds these past few years and we cannot wait to see what we can do next with your help!

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