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We Are a Community

Empowering Women for 30 Years, And We're Not Done Yet!

Watch the video to hear how we are making a difference together in our local community.

They say you don’t get to choose your family, but we are here to say that’s not true.

Thanks to our supportive community, we have been able to lift up and equip women in need in the Washington DC area on their path to financial independence since 1992.

Because of you, we have served almost 30 thousand women. ⁣

⁣When a client catches a glimpse of themselves in the mirror, they stand a bit taller, their shoulders are back, and they can actually see themselves nailing these interviews and finding themselves on the path to success.

Suited’s accomplishments are possible thanks to you.

Community is our most vital asset as we continue to equip women in need with the proper attire, skills training, and job coaching necessary to succeed in the professional world.

Together, we can make a real difference.

Stay connected with us by following us on social media @suitedforchange, and signing up for our Monthly Newsletter for additional updates.


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