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Virtual Suiting Experience

Althea James, SFC Volunteer

Suited for Change is now offering a third virtual suiting experience! Our clients will enjoy a one-on-one experience to find new additions to their work wardrobe from the safety of their own homes.

The typical Suited for Change client experience has altered immensely in the past few months. Each appointment begins with “are you on mute?” or “can you see me?” as both client and volunteer adjust their laptops.

Before each visit begins, our volunteers scour the racks in our boutique for the perfect blouses and matching scarves to fit the individual client’s taste. While the platform for suiting has changed, the vibrant energy and excitement of each appointment has remained. Clients like Paris exclaim with joy when finding the perfect blouse, courtesy of Althea’s careful eye. But the excitement does not stop there.

Stacks of boxes are piled high in the SFC boutique, stuffed with blouses, scarves, and jewelry. Each collection then wrapped in red tissue, sealed with a SFC sticker, and topped with a handwritten note of encouragement from their suiting volunteer. The clients wait in anticipation for their box of joy during such a tough period.

In these unprecedented times, Suited for Change is devoted to continuing to empower women in our local community.

Through this new opportunity, our clients are reminded of the importance of their professional journey and that they have an entire community rooting for them.

Thanks to people like you, Suited for Change will be ready to ensure our city's most vulnerable women are able to seize new opportunities.⁣

We look forward to when we can return to full capacity, and we know that you do, too. ⁣

Your support has made all of this possible - THANK YOU! ❤


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