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Workshop: Kitchen of Purpose

Suited for Change and Kitchen of Purpose Partner to Empower Entrepreneurs

Last month, SFC hosted yet another workshop, "Develop Your Personal Brand Strategy," led by Fernanda Parreira Menezes, SFC Marketing and Program Manager, in collaboration with Kitchen of Purpose (formerly La Cocina VA).

Kitchen of Purpose’s mission is to create opportunities for social and economic change through feeding, educating, and empowering the minds of the community.

Our workshop provided participants with the knowledge and tools needed to develop a unique, authentic, and successful personal brand strategy that can help them stand out in their field and achieve their business goals as budding entrepreneurs.

Not only were the participants able to take away key tools to reach their business goals, but they also built up their confidence.

It was such an inspirational message, it made me feel more hope and enthusiasm about my business plan.

Workshops have been on a roll so far this year, and we cannot wait to inspire more women in our community as they embark on their professional careers.


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