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A Message from Our Partners at GoodWill

Goodwill of Greater Washington has been a proud referral partner of Suited for Change (SFC) for many years. Below, Monique shares a few highlights of how our partnership has benefitted organizations who support and assist women in our local community.

Goodwill has 7 to 10 training classes per year and will be serving about 89 female students in 2022. Our training programs average from 6 to 13 weeks depending on the program.

Just as in prior years, Suited for Change is our “go to” partner for interviews and professional clothing for our female students.

At the start of our program, we meet with each individual student and provide them with community referrals based on their specific situation. While many of our students are at the beginning of their careers or returning to work after a period of time, about 50 to 70% of our female students are in need of professional clothing for interviews.

Thanks to SFC’s highly effective Referral Partner web portal, we are able set-up a brief phone or video meeting with our female students, logon to the SFC web portal, review the availability of client appointments in real-time, register our students for a specific date and time, add their clothing sizes and preferences, and confirm an appointment in a matter of about 5 minutes

Each time one of our students returns from their appointment at SFC, we hear a statement like the following:

“I received two beautiful outfits that are perfect for my size and shape. I had a personal consultant who assisted me in finding items that fit my personality and my career goals. I also received accessories such as: jewelry, shoes, and a handbag. I was also told that I can return after I start working and secure three additional professional outfits.”

SFC provides a valuable service to our students and graduates. The clothes help them regain their confidence and to be physically and emotionally prepared to do well on their interviews and in the workplace.

This service helps our students to see themselves as the beautiful, professional individuals that they are.

In addition, over the years, SFC has added supplement services that support female growth and development.

I want to thank the SFC Team, Executive Director, Liz Reinert, and the Marketing and Program Manager, Fernanda Menezes. Each has worked with me to customize the service delivery.

Thank you SFC, we at Goodwill of Greater Washington, our students, and graduates appreciate all that you do in support of our students, graduates, families, and the community, as we all know that women are the backbone of families and there cannot be a community without a family!

Monique Wiley-Crawford, CPC

Manager, Program Coaching

Goodwill of Greater Washington

We are so grateful for Goodwill of Greater Washington’s partnership as we empower the women in our community as they embark on their professional journey. Thank You!


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