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A Thank You to Our Supporter

Republic Restoratives

Back in 2020, we first connected with Republic Restoratives when they concocted the signature Suited for Change cocktail, The Boss Lady, for our virtual Gala.

We love making connections with local women-run businesses and Republic Restoratives was a perfect addition! Not only is Republic Restoratives women owned and operated, but they are also the largest crowdfunded distillery in US history.

After working in the Federal Government under Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Pia Carusone shifted to the distillery world and co-founded Republic Restoratives. They have an incredible selection of spirits and are gaining traction -- including being featured in a Forbes “Women Running the Liquor World” article!

For Women’s History Month, Republic Restoratives found a creative way to honor one of the trailblazing women who has enabled others to push the boundaries of what is possible every day -- Kamala Harris. To commemorate the induction of the first female Vice President, Republic Restoratives released a new whiskey, The Madam.

“Madam is a whiskey and a portrait, designed in collaboration with talented local artist Lex Marie (@thelexmarie). It’s a celebration of the outspoken and disruptive, who blaze new trails and shatter glass ceilings. It’s a celebration of those who inspire us to resist and persist. A blend of 7 year old bourbon and 5 year old rye, the finished whiskey is slow-smithed before bottling to produce what we all strive (and vote, and protest, and organize) for: a more perfect union.”

Supporting local women-run organizations is at the core of Suited for Change and we are so grateful to have added Republic Restoratives to the SFC family!

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