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Generous Clothing Donation!

Thanks to the generosity of Kim Honor and Sheyla Difo Voye

Kim Honor and Sheyla Difo Voye in
Photo caption (left to right): Kim Honor and Sheyla Difo Voye

Within the past year, the amount of clothing donations to Suited for Change has skyrocketed. We are so grateful for your continued support through these trying times. Last week, one particular clothing donation blew us away.

Thanks to the generosity of Kim Honor and Sheyla Difo Voye, three thousand dollars worth of brand new high end clothing was donated to our Boutique. We were invited to personally select each piece of clothing, sorting through the many racks of incredible professional clothing.

Sheyla Difo Voye runs Sheyla’s Luxury Boutique and due to the unfortunate circumstances of Covid-19, she was forced to close down her storefront. Thankfully, Kim Honor had the brilliant idea to donate $3,000 to Sheyla’s Luxury Boutique in exchange for the equivalent of clothing to be donated to Suited for Change.

Our boutique now officially looks like spring with all of our new and bright colors scattered throughout the racks.

The entire SFC staff was waiting in anticipation for the first client to try on one of the new suits and when Michele walked out in a bright purple suit, we were not disappointed.

Meet Michele wearing her brand new purple suit - donated by Kim Honor and Sheyla Difo Voye. We love this!

Even through Michele’s mask, her smile was apparent. She could not stop looking in the mirror and posing for the camera. We cannot wait to see the infectious smile continue to spread on more of our client’s faces as they find their perfect fit!

Thank you so much Kim and Sheyla for thinking of Suited for Change! While Sheyla is still searching for a storefront, she does have a clothing truck! Be sure to check it out and see for yourself all the wonderful clothing she has! Click Here

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