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Health & Wellness by Giant

Suited for Change has partnered with Giant Food to provide our clients and other community members with a guided set of tools to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here at Suited for Change, we emphasize the importance of having a well-rounded lifestyle: from the proper attire and job coaching all the way to health and wellness. Without a healthy and balanced diet to feed the brain, your energy decreases and you are unable to perform your best.

Once the brain is properly fed, energy increases and in turn makes you more productive, engaged, and active – all which are vital to helping our clients land the jobs they deserve.

Thanks to our partners at Giant, we are adding a new section to our blog dedicated entirely to healthy living. Learn how to eat healthy on a budget with the help of coupons, discover simple steps to eat mindfully, and more.

With a proper diet and nutrition, you can act and feel your best in all aspects of life!


Free Services Include:


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