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In the News with Telemundo 44

Suited for Change was honored to receive the incredible opportunity to be featured on Telemundo, a news coverage network in Spanish, and share our mission of empowering women on their path to economic independence.

When Community Reporter, Lilian Mass, walked through the doors of the Suited for Change boutique, she was taken aback by the welcoming atmosphere and excited to learn more about how something as simple as a suit can completely transform our clients’ confidence.

One of the many clients who experienced this transformation of confidence was Margot. As a mother of two, Margot is dedicated to supporting her family and being a positive role model to her daughters. After discovering us through our partners at Goodwill, Margot then had the clothes and confidence to take her next career steps.

Margot, Suited for Change client

This resource that Suited for Change offers makes me look and feel professional. They treat us in the way that they see us. When I am glowing, I also see my future glow, and as I feel good, the core of my family feels good.

Now, Margot is well on her way to reaching her professional career goals as a Medical Assistant and we could not be more proud of her!

We are thrilled to be expanding our relationship with the Hispanic and Latina community we even have our Professional Development Workbook in Spanish, and are so grateful for Telemundo’s support in spreading our mission to those in need. Thank you!

Read the full translation of the interview below:

TELEMUNDO INTERVIEW: “Suited for Change”

SOLANGI SOSA: In the metropolitan area there is an organization that pours its heart into serving women who are seeking employment. They coach them in such a way that they confidently go out to conquer the world and come out victorious. Lilian Mass will share the details with us.

LILIAN MASS: They welcomed her like a queen. They helped her pick out her attire for one of the most important appointments of her life and they prepared her for that appointment to be a success. Margot is seeking employment and her future depends on this moment.

MARGOT: I used to work at a daycare teaching Spanish, but I studied to be a Medical Assistant and I am about to start an externship.

LILIAN MASS: Step by step they accessorize her to have her appearance match her capabilities. In addition, they gave her the tools for her to succeed during an interview. The best part: she did not pay a dime. She was referred to the non-profit organization, Suited for Change.

FERNANDA MENEZES: When clients come to Suited for Change, we give them two (2) full professional outfits, as well as a training session to make them feel capable and confident in their job interview.

LILIAN MASS: Their heartfelt work empowers women that are looking to turn their lives around or get back into the work field. They find satisfaction in seeing them meet their goals. For these styling professionals, every detail counts from shoes to purses and accessories. It’s a five (5) star service for those who will brighten this country’s future.

MARGOT: The resources that Suited for Change offers makes me look and feel professional. They treat us in the way that they see us. When I am glowing, I also see my future glow, and as I feel good, the core of my family feels good.

LILIAN MASS: The help does not end once employment is secured. The skill sessions continue even after being employed. An organization led by women for women of the DMV. [PAUSE] The impact this organization has on its clients is significant. If you want to be part of those changes that are being generated, you can be; once a month they open their doors to the general public in an effort to sell articles of clothing to generate funds. A lot of these clothes are designer, a good opportunity for students that are just starting their professional lives. All you have to do is visit the website that is on the screen []. In Washington, D.C., Lilian Mass, Telemundo Forty-Four (44).


Translated and transcribed by Veronica Zermeno, Volunteer.

Download PDF • 48KB


Veronica Zermeno

About Veronica Zermeno:

Veronica is a Suited for Change volunteer.

She is passionate about uplifting others and delighted to bridge her community together with Spanish/English

translations and interpretations through

her volunteer works.

Stay connected with us by following us on social media @suitedforchange, and signing up for our Monthly Newsletter for additional updates.


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