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Meet Latiya

Emma Hill at Suited for Change's Annual Gala, the 31 anniversary

As we embark on a new year, women like Latiya remind us just how important it is to “play dress up and wake up that professional side” of us.

Holding back tears of gratitude, Latiya shared her experience being suited by our incredible volunteer stylists Anne and Andrea. 

“I feel so much better about myself as a woman, a mother, a professional, and a human being. The exceptional level of compassion and empathy shown to be today is proof that there are still good and caring people in the world who care and want to help others in need.”

Although Latiya initially sought the finishing touches to confidently stride into her upcoming interview, she departed with much more. Motivated not only to enhance her own life, Latiya aspires to "pay forward the same level of hospitality to others," with dreams of running for office and advocating for her community.

While Latiya finds inspiration in SFC, the exchange is mutual. Our volunteers and staff draw inspiration from each client who courageously takes steps towards professional development when they walk through our doors.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community.

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