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Empowering Women with Kindness and Confidence

Angela's Unforgettable Experience at Suited for Change

At Suited for Change, we recognize that the little things matter– and so do our clients. Kindness and attentiveness go a long way to help women feel comfortable and confident in themselves.

Angela came to us at the beginning of May in preparation for DC’s 2023 Career Fair. After her suiting appointment, she was inspired to write to us about her experience with our encouraging volunteers in our stylish boutique. Here is her story!

“I was inspired to write to you to share how great an impact your organization had on me, as well as the community at large. Thank you for covering EVERY aspect of great customer service. I was nervous while commuting to the boutique, wondering if this would be like other social service clothing outlets, where the service and attitude of some of the workers assigned to assist us would seemingly frown [or] look down upon those in need of clothing. Experiencing this treatment more than once caused me to feel reluctant in trying yet another clothing source. However, I am so glad I gave it another try, as your elegant boutique and professional stylists went above and beyond the average call of duty.”

“Ms. Grace assisted me throughout the entire process, offering great suggestions and assistance with pairing clothes with accessories. I so appreciated the assistance and left the boutique feeling proud, encouraged, and fully ready to take on the vendors at the 2023 DC Career Fair… The level of detail shown in preparation for those in need began before we even stepped into the boutique. From ensuring that we had adequate, quality shopping bags to carry our newly obtained clothing and accessories, to establishing the quite elegant setup [of the] boutique… It boosts our esteem, knowing we are fully prepared for the fair, interviews, and resulting jobs... even before we get there.”

“I left feeling like, even if I don't get to personally meet with the vendors for an interview [or] job offer, at least I felt great walking into said fair. For no one could take away the added boost of confidence I felt, whether I landed a job or not. To have one less worry about what to wear and whether the clothes fit comfortably makes all the difference in how one shows up for themselves wherever they may be headed.”

“Thank you for thinking about those less fortunate… It isn’t going unnoticed!”

With your support, women like Angela have been able to thrive. She is living proof that when a woman wears clothes she feels great in, she is empowered! Thank you for your continued support!


Emma Hill

About Emma Hill:

Emma grew up right outside of Washington, DC, in Northern Virginia. She is a class of 2024 student at William and Mary, with a primary major in political science and a secondary major in studio art. She’s passionate about empowering the underserved, and knows her time at Suited for Change will equip her to do that once she graduates! Emma loves to create, and is often found outside painting in the park, or working away in her basement on quilting projects.

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