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Referral Partner Spotlight: Friendship Place

This year we have been diving deeper into our professional development workshops and furthering our relationships with our referral partners, this time with Friendship Place!

Friendship Place is a housing service provider for people experiencing homelessness in the DC region and offers innovative, customized, and person-focused programs that empower their participants as they rebuild their lives.

Thanks to our talented volunteer base, we were able to provide a plethora of knowledge to the Friendship Place participants as they continue along their journey to economic independence.

We’ve had four workshops so far with Friendship Place, covering a variety of topics including: Tips for Managing Your Money, Your Best Personal Colors, Active Listening and Elevator Speech, and The Magic is in the Mirror. Each workshop focused on different, but equally important, aspects of how to embark on your professional career with your best step forward.

We had such a wonderful time in these workshops and we cannot wait to see each of the Friendship Place participants at the SFC boutique to get the professional clothing they need to give them that extra boost in confidence!


Are you a SFC Referral Partner? Click here to schedule a workshop for your clients today!

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