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Partnership Highlight: Calvary Women’s Services and CREW DC

We had a lovely time at Calvary Women's Services last week with our friends from CREW DC!

Our workshop began with a lively discussion led by SFC volunteer, Michelle Brown, on how to give a good first impression with small adjustments in appearance and behavior. From smiling and eye contact to ironed clothes and good posture, each detail plays a key role in how you are perceived by your potential employer.

Michelle Brown, Suited for Change volunteer, leading the workshop

Michelle Brown then emphasized the importance of having the elevator pitch on your experience, passion, and hard work prepared for when that daunting question “tell me a bit about yourself” appears.

Afterwards, we transitioned into a vibrant and interactive session led by SFC volunteer, Marianne Clifford-Upton, focusing on the many ways to style a scarf.

Sprucing up one’s wardrobe while also working on a budget can be complicated, but by simply changing up the accessories an outfit can be completely transformed. From knotting your scarf like a flight attendant to using a rubber band and creating a fabulous bow, everyone was stunned with just how many ways a scarf can be repurposed to rejuvenate an outfit.

After Marianne completed her demonstration, all participants got to select a scarf that matched their personal style.

Finally, each client sat down for a one-on-one mock interview with the lovely ladies from CREW DC to put the skills they learned that morning into practice.

We can’t wait to see each and every one of the women who attended our workshop at the Suited for Change boutique to get the professional clothing they need to feel like the strong and empowered women they are.

Thank you CREW DC for inviting us to this wonderful event!


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