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A Thank You to Our Supporter


We at Suited for Change are incredibly grateful to have such an amazingly passionate and generous community.

Giant has been a supporter of Suited for Change from the minute we first opened our doors 28 years ago.

Giant’s philosophy is “people people people” and that could not be a more accurate statement. It is one thing to financially support an organization, but another entirely to be dedicated to the mission. Giant is most definitely the latter.

For Women’s History Month, Giant showcased an inspiring story from one of their own employees, Tonya. As a teen mom she faced challenges in balancing her education and care for her son. But with patience and hard work she climbed the corporate ladder in the grocery world and is now the SVP of Merchandising for Giant.

Now she wants to inspire all underserved women to continue pursuing their own goals. Watch to learn more about Tonya’s journey.

Many of the clients at SFC are facing this same challenge, learning to balance their professional careers with family needs. Stories like Tonya’s set an example for our clients on how it is possible to succeed.

We are so grateful for Giant’s continued support of Suited for Change’s mission to empower women on their path to economic independence. Thank you!

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