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Armed with Clothing and Confidence: Meet Nicola

Take a deep breath, stand tall, and don’t forget to smile!

Emma Hill at Suited for Change's Annual Gala, the 31 anniversary

That's the familiar internal pep talk many of us engage in before stepping into the daunting arena of a job interview, but what about the steps beforehand? Enter Suited for Change.

After securing multiple interviews, Nicola came to the SFC boutique to add the finishing touches she needed to make a lasting impression. Eager for both fashion expertise and interview preparation advice, Nicola knew there was no better place than SFC.

Immediately, she was taken under the wing of our skilled stylist, Paulette, who gave her a perfect look head-to-toe, leaving Nicola beaming:

The volunteers were a joy and their guidance left me feeling incredibly happy with the clothing I received.

Through this personalized suiting experience, the transformation extended beyond Nicola's new attire. It was about nurturing her confidence and enabling her to visualize her path to success.

Now, armed with clothing and confidence, Nicola is ready to tackle the next challenge in the professional arena, and we cannot wait to see what is next for her career.

Good luck Nicola – we are rooting for you!  

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