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DC Modern Luxury: Dynamic Women

This month DC Modern Luxury’s magazine theme has taken a special twist, highlighting Dynamic Women in the district who embody the characteristics of success with tenacity, empathy, and confidence.

At Suited for Change, we take pride in our community’s positive attitude and constant progress and are honored to be a part of DC Modern Luxury’s special September issue.

To highlight the dynamic women here at SFC, our article showcases the story of our former client, Kia. While others give up in the face of adversity, Kia has learned to thrive.

Through her suiting and coaching sessions with our trained volunteers, her confidence grew tremendously. From setting ambitious career goals to having a mentor she can rely on, Kia now has all the tools to succeed professionally.

We are honored to be a part of Kia’s journey to economic independence and cannot wait to see what is next for her!

Thank you to DC Modern Luxury Magazine for giving us the opportunity once again to share our mission with the greater community.

Read the Full Article Here

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