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Meet Kia

While some give up in the face of adversity, Kia has learned to thrive.

Like so many others, Kia has encountered a plethora of challenges throughout her life. From overcoming the barriers of single motherhood and domestic violence to battling breast cancer, Kia has remained resilient.

After facing a tougher period in her life, Kia heard a voice inside saying “show me your friends and I can tell you your future.”

Looking around at her current crowd, she immediately determined that she needed to make a change if she wanted to provide a better life for herself and her children.

So she regrouped, found friends with positive influences, and began to focus on herself. That was when she found Together We Bake. She enrolled in their 16 week empowerment program and took her first steps towards self-sufficiency.

Kia’s self-confidence began to grow as she expanded her workforce skills, prepared her own elevator speech, and completed her High School diploma.

Outside of the professional sphere, Kia has continued to spread her positive spirit and willingness to help others. Recently, she received the Act of Kindness Award from the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia (MPDC).

Combining Kia’s good samaritan nature with her drive to climb the professional ladder, all she needed was the right professional attire.

Enter Suited for Change.

“As soon as I entered the door, I felt so proud, it empowered me even more.”

Kia brought positive energy from the moment she entered the SFC Boutique, chatting with her suiting volunteer, Lisanne, throughout the entire hour about her incredible journey. She divulged about how after multiple surgeries from her battle with cancer, she had an even greater need for new professional wear as she was still adjusting to her new shape.

By the end of the hour, Lisanne had helped her find two beautiful professional outfits. Once Kia left Suited for Change with bags filled with new clothes, she felt that not only could she get just any job, but a one with benefits to support her family.

Taking it a step further, Kia met with Diedra, a SFC mentor coach and board member, to continue honing her professional development skills. With over 35 years of experience in the HR realm, Diedra was able to provide Kia with a plethora of interview tips.

Diedra’s commitment to giving back to the community goes above and beyond. She tailors each coaching session to fit the specific needs of the client and ensures to highlight their personal strengths. Not only did she and Kia have an incredible coaching session, but she also continues to check in with Kia and see how she is doing.

Thanks to Diedra, Kia’s confidence grew tremendously. From setting ambitious career goals to having a mentor she can rely on, Kia now has all the tools to succeed professionally.

Now, equipped with the proper attire to match her honed professional skills training both at SFC and our referral partner, Together We Bake, Kia is ready to work!

But Kia doesn’t want to stop there! Through all of her hardships she has been able to find inner strength and hopes to inspire others to reach their full potential.

“Coming from a place where no one tells you you are doing good, I’ve found myself now.”

We at SFC can personally attest that after meeting Kia, we feel more inspired. In a time where so many are feeling down on their luck and in desperate need for encouragement, Kia is bringing forth that positive light.

Although Kia emphasizes that progress does not happen overnight, “yesterday wasn’t a good day, but I still got up and kept pushing.”

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