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[Free] FRESH & Fun Cooking for Mental Wellness

Want a 3-course family meal in one hour?..For less than $10?...With ingredients that can help reduce stress and improve sleep? Register now!

About this event

This month's FRESH& seminar will focus on stress reduction and mental wellness. Join us for FRESH& Fun Cooking for Mental Wellness. This month, Dina E. Cote, will show us how to prepare a 3-course family meal in one hour. Nothing too fancy, but everything will be flavorful, nutritious, and less than $10.

We will explore how different ingredients can be used to reduce our stress levels and improve our sleep. Grab your ingredients and get ready to cook well, eat well, and be well!


About Dina E. Cote:

Dina is a SFC Board Member. She is a current graduate student at Tufts specializing in Nutrition and Food Security Policy and Programming at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. She studies how to develop affordable and healthy diets that are accessible to different cultural backgrounds. Dina is passionate about nutrition awareness. She has spent the past three years working in the non-profit sector and coaches working mothers and high school students on nutrition. Prior to joining Tufts, Dina was an international project manager who worked with communities and policy makers on health, environment, gender, and child rights. In her free time, she likes to travel, scuba dive, and explore nature. For Dina, sharing a home-cooked meal with yourself, family or friends is a blessing and pure joy.

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