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Step Outside of your Comfort Zone

Althea James, SFC Volunteer

To honor Black History Month and Women’s History Month, Suited for Change has started a podcast series led by coaching volunteer, Christina Eanes.

Our first episode features our volunteer, Althea James, who joined the Suited for Change community in the midst of the pandemic. After a lifelong career in the FBI, she was driven to find a way to give back during such challenging times. She reached out to Suited for Change inquiring about how to join our network and the rest is history.

As the podcast begins, Althea opens up about the rewarding nature of suiting each client, ensuring to make them “feel good and at ease.” She emphasizes the importance of guiding each and every client to alter their mindset when heading into the professional world. All whittling down to the sentiment that “there is a whole world out there waiting...don’t ever give up on yourself.”

"There is a whole world out there waiting...don't ever give up on yourself."

Our podcast series will continue for the rest of the month, releasing new content each week from more members of the Suited for Change family. Be sure to see the updates here #blackhistorymonth.

podcast transcription
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Christina Eanes

About the Interviewer:

Christina Eanes is an author, speaker, podcast host, and former FBI analyst and senior manager. ⁣⁣Find more about Christina at


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