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How To Celebrate When You FINALLY Get the Job

By: Raven Hunter

The day has arrived. Finally, after weeks, months, maybe years of searching, you finally heard the glorious words you’ve been waiting for: “We’d like to offer you the position…” Take a deep breath and realize that you’ve stepped into a new, long-awaited chapter of your life. But, what now?

Chances are you have at least a week or two before this new position starts, so, in between all the running around you’ll have to do for your onboarding process, here are some things you can do to savor this moment of triumph.

1. Tell Loved Ones the Good News

Hopefully, you’ve got lots of people who have been rallying behind you throughout this process of job hunting. Make sure to text, call, or run out into the living room and tell them that you FINALLY found the right job for you. They’ll want to celebrate with you.

Additionally, make sure to let the ladies at Suited for Change know that YOU GOT THE JOB! They’ll want to uplift you in your victory and include you in one of their posts letting the SFC community know about your success.

2. Treat Yourself

One of the most frustrating and, in some cases, scary parts of job hunting is the disappointment in or lack of income. When it feels like you’re saving every penny you possibly can, it can be easy to develop anxiety and restrictions. Now that you know you’ve got some money coming soon, consider allowing yourself a treat. That treat could be dinner with friends, your favorite coffee drink, a new hat, or even just a candy bar from the checkout line. Whatever freedom your new promised income allows you, use it intentionally. You might find some relief in something small.

3. Encourage Someone Else

If you’ve been in the job hunting game for a while, you probably know some other people who are still in the thick of it. Take a minute to message or call them and share your story. Let them know what’s happened for you and that it WILL happen for them, too. Think about the kind of support you needed when you were still job hunting and be intentional about giving that to someone else.

If you have a significant chunk of time that’s no longer occupied by job hunting, consider using some of it to volunteer with SFC! You’ll meet lots of women who are where you were not too long ago and will have the chance to contribute to their success.

Congratulations on getting the job.

Everyone here at SFC is over the moon for you, and we all wish you the best in this next chapter. If you’re reading this and are still looking for the right job, consider this a list of things to look forward to. You can, and will, do this!


Raven Hunter

About Raven Hunter:

Raven Hunter is a SFC volunteer and a graduate from the University of West Florida English Department. She is passionate about telling stories and helping others share their own.

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