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Soaring to New Heights: Dr. Sherry Marts

Buckle up, as workshops at Suited for Change are soaring to new heights! Over the past three years, workshops have been on the rise at SFC, more than doubling each year since 2021, and are poised for further expansion this year. 

Amidst our star-studded collection of skilled volunteers, we're excited to spotlight one of our esteemed presenters—Dr. Sherry Marts— as the inaugural highlight in a series, showcasing the breadth of workshop programs SFC offers to the community.

Dr. Sherry Marts first connected with SFC in 2011, generously donating towards our mission each year. As our workshop program expanded in 2023, so did our partnership with Dr. Marts, where we welcomed her as a regular presenter. 

Today, she stands as one of our most sought-after presenters, specializing in assertiveness, harassment resistance, active bystander intervention, allyship skills, and inclusive facilitation. From imparting techniques for maintaining composure and confidence in interviews to fostering active allyship in the workplace, Dr. Sherry Marts equips our clients with versatile skills essential not only for securing employment, but also for leading fulfilling lives.

We are incredibly fortunate to have such dedicated volunteers committed to sharing their expertise with our clients and cannot wait to share even more profiles from our growing community. 

Thank you Dr. Sherry Marts for joining our mission to empower women on their path to financial independence!


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