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Meet Brea

To celebrate 30 years of Suited for Change and the vital role all of our community members have played in our success, we are launching a new campaign, I Empower Local Women, to highlight YOU!

First up is Brea!

We had the privilege of welcoming Brea to the SFC community as a volunteer stylist nearly a year ago and she has loved every minute of it!

“I've had such a great experience volunteering at Suited for Change. I’ve really benefited from the Trauma-informed training they provided the volunteers, which helped us do the work with the unique circumstances of the clients in mind. I hope to always be able to contribute my time and money to this worthy cause.”

We are so grateful for you Brea! Thank you for bringing such a positive impact to our clients whenever you walk through our doors.

Want to also share your story about what inspired you to get involved with Suited for Change? 

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