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Meet Carroll

She Got The Job!

The moment Carroll walked in the door she brightened up our boutique. Throughout her entire styling appointment, everyone in the office heard her exclamations of how much she loved her outfits! While Carroll’s face was covered with a mask, there was no denying the smile that lay underneath.

Carroll continued her journey with SFC, through her online mentor coaching session with one of our volunteer coaches, Patricia. She raved about the new skills she learned and was excited for her upcoming job interview.

Within two weeks, Carroll proudly returned to the Suited for Change boutique after landing the job! She spent the next hour with volunteer Marianne, searching for the perfect new outfits to continue her celebration. By the end of her visit, Carroll was overcome with joy.

“I feel so blessed I don’t know what to do.” In moments like those, it is incredibly hard to keep our social distancing precautions as everyone wants to hug, cry, and celebrate the new chapter Carroll is about to embark on.

We are immensely proud of each and every one of our clients, and its stories like Carroll’s that remind us of how vital these services are to the community.


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