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Meet Liza

After being out of the workforce for several years to raise her five children, Liza was ready to get back to work.

With a job interview scheduled thanks to the assistance of our referral partners at Jubilee Jobs, all Liza was missing was the professional attire and an extra boost in confidence to reach her next goal.

That’s where Suited for Change stepped in.

Upon entering the boutique, Liza was greeted by Margaret, one of our dedicated volunteer stylists and within one hour, she found two new outfits that made her look and feel her best.

Motivated by seeing just how confident she looked in the mirror, Liza then met virtually with Diedra, one of our professional development coaches, and further refined her interview techniques.

Thanks to our passionate volunteers, Liza left SFC “overflowing with confidence.”

Soon, Liza sent us an email to share with us her wonderful news: she is now working at the United States Postal Service!

As she prepares for the next chapter in her professional career, our skilled volunteer stylist Lisanne helped her find the perfect outfit for her first day on the job.

After spending an hour finding clothing to match her growing confidence, Liza said

"I feel like a superstar! You are showering me with all these blessings!"

Celebrating our clients’ achievements is one of the best parts of SFC, so join us in congratulating Liza on her accomplishment!

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