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Meet Yaisa

When Yaisa entered the Suited for Change boutique, she was initially hesitant about what to expect, but she quickly began to relax after being warmly welcomed by our volunteer stylist Marianne.

With a job interview in two days, Yaisa was looking for the finishing touches to ensure she gives her best first impression – and Marianne knew just how to style her!

As Yaisa strutted out of the dressing room in her first outfit, she couldn’t help but look in the mirror and smile as she admired the professional woman standing in front of her.

With each new outfit, Yaisa’s smile grew wider and wider.

By the end of her suiting session, Yaisa’s joy had intoxicated everyone in the boutique – every volunteer and staff member was basking in her confidence.

To round out her time at Suited for Change, Yaisa sat down with Larissa, one of our professional development coaches, and spent an entire hour delving into interview best practices, resume writing skills, and more. Yaisa now has all the tools to nail her job interview!

By the end of her visit, Yaisa said,

"everyone with every moment gave me exactly what I needed for me to say my experience was awesome, fun, confident and full of spunk. I appreciated the WHOLE experience."

Yaisa's joy is only possible because of your continued support! Thank you.

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