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Meet Marianne

I Empower Local Women

Meet Marianne, one of our friends at CREW DC and a dedicated Suited for Change community member.

For years, CREW DC has been intertwined with SFC’s mission to empower women to secure and sustain employment and we were lucky enough to be introduced to Marianne in the process!

“I’m passionate about SFC because I think when you lift up one woman, you lift us all up. It’s critical that we come together as women to support each other if our talents, time and treasure allow us to do so. I believe SFC starts a ripple effect from the women we help, to their families and to their communities. I’m incredibly proud to be able to volunteer with this amazing organization!”

Thank you Marianne for your continued support as we strive to empower more women in our community. We are grateful for you!

Want to also share your story about what inspired you to get involved with Suited for Change? 

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