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Meet Quineisha!

The last time we saw Quineisha it was DAYS before the pandemic hit and we were all sent into quarantine. Two years later, we were thrilled to reconnect with Quineisha and celebrate with her as she begins her new job.

With the help of our lovely volunteer, Lisanne, Quineisha was able to find three fabulous outfits as she starts this next chapter in her professional career. By the time she walked out of the dressing room in her third outfit, Quineisha’s confidence had soared and she felt ready to take on the next chapter of her professional career with ease.

After becoming comfortable with Lisanne, Quineisha divulged her personal history and how it has completely changed her outlook.

If I hadn't been through these trials and tribulations, I wouldn't have the opportunities I have now. - Quineisha

It's moments like these that remind us how important our services are to the community. Seeing Quineisha’s positive outlook, even in the darkest of moments, reminds us how important our services are to the community. We hope to bring this same joy to more clients each and every day.

Join us in congratulating Quineisha on this wonderful next step in her professional career!

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