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Meet Shaketa!

While initially hesitant of what to expect upon arrival at the Suited for Change boutique, she was pleasantly surprised throughout the entire experience.

After discovering SFC through our partners at Goodwill, Shaketa came to us ready to complete the final steps of preparation for her job searching: the perfect power suit.

With the help of our lovely volunteer, Elena, Shaketa found two outfits that will help her stand out in any job interview. Afterward, she met with our professional development coach, Diedra, to polish her interview skills and ensure she leads with her best foot forward.

After leaving SFC, Shaketa had such a lovely experience that she simply had to share her gratitude with her case manager at Goodwill.

"I feel much more confident and ready for interviews. Ms. Elena & Ms. Diedra were so helpful and resourceful. I was honestly hesitant to go at first because I’m not used to anyone doing anything for me but I’m glad I went and got to have such a wonderful experience."

It warms our hearts when we hear such positive feedback from our clients after their experience at the Suited for Change boutique.

But Shaketa’s journey is not over yet! We cannot wait to welcome Shaketa back to the SFC boutique once she lands the job!

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