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Meet Tiyika

This month’s client story takes us back in time to 1997…

Five years after Suited for Change was founded, Tiyika walked in the door of the SFC boutique. Like so many of our clients, Tiyika needed an extra boost to get her professional career started. With the help of our volunteers and staff, Tiyika "went shopping for everything [she] needed," and found the proper attire to build up her confidence and enter her next interview with her best foot forward.

Twenty-four years later, Tiyika reached out to SFC once again, but this time as a donor.

During the height of the pandemic, Tiyika wanted to give back to the community and immediately thought of SFC. When she dropped off her clothing donation at our boutique, we had the wonderful opportunity to reconnect with her and fill in the gap from the past 24 years.

Tiyika is now a middle school teacher in Maryland and after the virtual chaos of last year, she is back in person! We had such a great time catching up with her that we extended her an invitation to our Union Market Photoshoot.

Arriving in a bold and beautiful dress, Tiyika was ready to pose for the camera with our other former clients, referral partners, and board members.

“I met some more awesome people with the same goals and you helped us to look the part. This was a great way to celebrate all of the hard work you and the team do at Suited for Change!”

It is moments like these that remind us that something so simple as the proper interview clothing can go a long way.

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