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Partnership Highlight: GWPLSA

This month The George Washington University's Women's Pre-Law Association led a Peer-to-Peer fundraiser to help spread the word of Suited for Change’s mission to equip women with the attire and job coaching necessary for professional success.

As they launched their campaign, we had the pleasure of welcoming their Diversity and Inclusion officers, Nicole and Abeer, to the SFC boutique. After seeing our services first-hand, they were even more energized to share our mission with their friends and family; they even added a special twist with a fundraising Bingo board!

We always love expanding our SFC community and are so grateful for their support in our mission to empower women on their path to economic independence. Thank you!

Want to start your own Peer-to-Peer fundraiser to support SFC?

Stay connected with us by following us on social media @suitedforchange, and signing up for our Monthly Newsletter for additional updates.


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