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Connect, Connect, Share, Click, Like

Marketing Workshop - How to create strong brand positioning in your market and strategies to create the right offer and approach for each target segment.

Connecting with us on social media and sharing our content to your friends and family is just as if not more important than receiving donations.

Whenever you come across an SFC post in your Linkedin, Instagram, or Facebook feed, hit that share button and remind your friends about the vital need to provide professional clothing and job readiness training to the women in our community.

Don’t forget to tag us @suitedforchange when you repost!

We'll love to see it on your social media page! ❤️

You can also share our blog posts.

Thank you for supporting our mission to empower women on their path to economic independence!

Stay connected with us by following us on social media @suitedforchange, and signing up for our Monthly Newsletter for additional updates.


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