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Spruce up your LinkedIn page or update your company profile with the help of VM Photography!

We are so excited to partner up once again with one of our SFC community members Violetta and her company VM Photography.

Violetta creates one-of-a-kind visual experiences for individual, editorials, and corporate clients and has now launched her new site entirely focused on headshots.

Who needs headshots?

Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Brokers, Public Speakers, Models, Actors, Artists, Musicians, Everyone!

To experience a photoshoot with Violetta is a transformative experience. She notes that the most rewarding part of the process is that her subjects become disarmed. Feeling safe, empowered, abandoning vulnerabilities and capturing the true essence of each individual is the experience Violetta strives to create.

With her passion for fashion and uplifting others, Violetta was inspired to further support SFC. Starting January 2022, each time a professional photoshoot is booked, VM Photography & Makeup Studio will donate a percentage of the sale to SFC.



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