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Today IS a GREAT Day!

By William Craig, III - SFC Referral Partner

Have you ever awakened to face the day, and simply didn’t want to? Have you ever felt so anxious about what you had to face that you wanted to just turn over, get under the covers and stay in the bed?

If so, you’re not alone!

There have been many days where I laid in the bed and looked at the ceiling and thought to myself “stop the world, I want to get off,” but no one listened. And yes, I eventually, reluctantly got out of bed to face my day. Sometimes it well, and sometimes it didn’t, and sometimes it was great!

I did some research and found that on the days where I purposed in my heart to try and find some good somewhere, I could usually find it. It didn’t always come from where I thought it would, or should, for that matter, but it was there. So, I decided to change my approach to each day.

Instead of simply dreading my day and allowing “whatever happens” to rule my destiny, I decided to change my perspective from the onset. I decided that BEFORE anything could happen, it was already a GREAT day, and no matter what, it would remain that way.

The attached (downloadable) handout is my gift to you to help you start your day in a way that makes YOUR day great from the very beginning. I purposefully crafted the words to express how I really wanted to feel, and at the same time acknowledge the inevitable…that not everything was going to go my way (or the way I thought it should go).

I share it here for you to read, but I share it as a downloadable handout, so you can print it, heck, frame it if you want, but put it someplace where you can face it as you start each day.

I can’t tell you how many countless people have been inspired by this one daily affirmation. I’ve been told that entire households have been touched by its message…and now it’s your turn.

This is my gift to you, to help you get through the rough patches of life. If you’re willing, say it out loud every day BEFORE you face the indifferent world, and I guarantee the world will begin to see your face differently.

DOWNLOAD BELOW YOUR FREE DAILY AFFIRMATION…and watch things begin to change!

Today Is A Great Day!
Download PDF • 216KB

William Craig, III

About the Author:

William Craig III, is an Author, Adjunct Professor, Professional Speaker, Interview and Career Skills Trainer and Coach, International Radio Show Host, and Radio Commercial Producer.

Most of all, he's here to help you!


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