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Vivian Got The Job

After getting the exciting news that she got the job, Vivian rushed over to the Suited for Change boutique to find the perfect outfit for her first day.

With the help of our skilled volunteer stylist Consuela, Vivian found some gorgeous new outfits to make her look and feel her best as she begins the next chapter of her professional career.

Thanks to Consuela’s welcoming energy, styling expertise, and compassion by the end of her visit, Vivian felt “comfortable and powerful” in her new attire.

A styling appointment at SFC is more than just helping a client find the proper attire for an interview, the underlying focus is simple: to build up their confidence in themselves.

And that is exactly what occurred during Vivian’s visit.

“Consuela correlated her past with my present, decreasing my insecurities and increasing my self esteem.”

Vivian is now equipped with the clothing and confidence to walk into her first day of work fully prepared for whatever challenges come her way.

Congratulations Vivian, we cannot wait to see what is in store for you!

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