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What A Great Day!

In a special twist for the new year, we are highlighting all seven of the lovely women from DC Central Kitchen, DCCK, that visited our boutique this month as they are about to graduate from their Culinary Job Training program on February 4th.

DCCK’s Culinary Job Training program has helped more than 1,700 men and women launch their culinary careers. Through their 14-week program, students are prepared to face the high barriers to employment in the food service industry and are empowered for the next step in their careers.

After a period of heavier Covid-19 restrictions and inclement weather prevented a few clients from visiting our office this month, we were ecstatic to have a busy boutique once again. The moment the DCCK students stepped through the doors, we knew it was going to be a good day, and we were not disappointed.

The room was filled with laughter, excitement, and encouragement as each DCCK student walked out of the dressing room in their new suits. As said by DCCK student Mishayla:

“Today was something to remember.”

In a time where joy feels so difficult to find, we at SFC take such pride in bringing a smile to our clients' faces and witnessing their confidence blossom as they glance at themselves in the mirror.

But their experience did not stop there! Each of the DCCK students plans to meet one-on-one with one of our incredible Professional Development Coach volunteers via Zoom to hone their interviewing skills and prepare them for the next chapter of their professional careers.

We cannot wait to see what is in store for them!

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