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Brenda Got The Job

After a lengthy job search, Brenda returned to the Suited for Change boutique and said our favorite words: “I got the job!”

Her excitement soon spread to the suiting volunteers, Anne and Veronica, as they selected outfits for Brenda’s first week on the job.

As she walked out of the dressing room in an ivory suit, Brenda looked more prepared than ever to begin the next chapter of her professional career. While posing for the camera, Brenda said,

“I can’t wait for my daughter to see me in these outfits!”

Brenda’s increased confidence is a reminder that something as simple as a suit can completely transform one’s outlook on their future.

Thanks to your support in our mission, Brenda now has the clothing and confidence to walk into her first day of work with her head held high.

Congratulations Brenda!

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