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From Suited to Hired

Empowering Women and Building Bonds: The Special Connection Between Suited for Change Volunteers and Clients

At Suited for Change the client-volunteer bond is something incredibly special to witness.

The best full-circle moments are when the same volunteer is able to suit a client for both her interview and again once she lands the job.

That’s what happened with Jen and Tyelynn.

Jen has always had a passion for helping others and a knack for fashion, so Suited for Change felt like the perfect fit for her to give back to the community. On her first day at SFC while shadowing our volunteers, Jen met Tyelynn.

Preparing for an upcoming job interview, Tyelynn walked into the Suited for Change boutique nervous but excited to find some new professional attire to help her make a great first impression.

As Jen assisted her first suiting, she was able to witness first-hand Tyelynn’s confidence grow through the simple step of putting on a blazer and slacks.

From that moment, Jen was hooked on SFC and bringing joy to more clients as they take the next steps in their careers.

A few months later, after Jen became a weekly volunteer, Tyelynn walked back through SFC’s doors with the fabulous news:

she got the job!

The two reunited and felt their stories had hit full circle, both having grown their confidence and now basking in the joy of Tyelynn’s accomplishment.

While training one of our newest volunteers Katie, Jen was able to help Tyelynn find some gorgeous new outfits as she advances in the professional sphere.

Smiles and laughter filled the boutique for the entirety of Tyelynn’s visit and even a few tears of joy were shed.

It’s in these small moments that we are reminded of just how vital SFC’s work is to the women in our community, and we couldn’t do any of it without you.

Thank you for being a part of our community and join us in celebrating Tyelynn as she embarks on her next adventure.

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