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Invest in Self-care

Dina Cote, SFC Board Member

To round out our podcast series, Christina Eanes interviews one of our new board members, Dina Cote.

Dina worked at the World Bank, until she recently felt a calling to start her own health and wellness coaching organization, HealthyBound20. With her health fix now satisfied, Dina began to search for other ways to continue giving back to her local community and came across Suited for Change.

After meeting with Liz and her “dynamic team” and seeing their drive for an expanding scope, she knew she had vital resources to provide. Coming in with an open mind and ready to learn, Dina has been eager to hit the ground running to help “scale [SFC’s] strategy and impact.”

When asked about what advice she would give to other women, Dina focused on self-care. It is important to keep perspective, even on your worst days, and know that with a little help from “staying active [and] keeping an open mindset to the various alternatives” you can stay positive.


Christina Eanes

About the Interviewer:

Christina Eanes is an author, speaker, podcast host, and former FBI analyst and senior manager. ⁣⁣Find more about Christina at


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