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Claim you Seat at the Table

Alauna Vallot, SFC Board Member

To honor Black History Month and Women’s History Month, Suited for Change has started a podcast series led by coaching volunteer, Christina Eanes.

Our second episode features SFC Board Member Alauna Vallot. While she has been a board member for the last three years, Alauna started her work with SFC as a volunteer. In her interview she gives us a good overview of what being a good member involves. A solid working board is the bedrock of any strong nonprofit organization, and SFC is grateful for the skills that each of our board members brings to our small but mighty organization.

Alauna shares with us her “Why.” She states, “we all need a hand up” to put us on that path to financial independence.

The advice that she gives to other black women is to “realize and truly believe on the inside that you belong, and you deserve a seat at any table. You are not there by accident. You are there because you’ve because been placed there with your gifts and your talents that are uniquely you.”

And in her final words of wisdom, she reminds us all that we should “always give back…Help another sister along the way.”

Remember, “you deserve a seat at any table.”

Our podcast series will continue for the rest of the month, releasing new content each week from more members of the Suited for Change family. Be sure to see the updates here #blackhistorymonth.


Christina Eanes

About the Interviewer:

Christina Eanes is an author, speaker, podcast host, and former FBI analyst and senior manager. ⁣⁣Find more about Christina at


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